About Us

 Once upon a time in the great kingdom of Utah State University, two students forged a friendship.  Overtime, the friends lost track of one another until one day the magical facebook fairy reunited them! 

Thrilled and sentimental at this reunion, the two friends became pen pals in order to share in each other’s adventures. 

Though far from one another and technologically inept, they soon found themselves on an internet quest together, in hopes of spreading the news of great children’s books and fun activities to do with those books!

And so it was, 
Pen Pals & Picture Books 
came to be….

(Do we think we're funny? Yes, at least we can laugh at ourselves right?)

We hope you enjoy our reviews, musings, activities, and general antics! 
Oh, and we hope you discover some books you truly love!

Happy Reading!

Oh, got something to share?  Contact us at

 penpalsandpicturebooks (at) gmail.com

Of course, you can always, always, always leave a comment too!