Holiday Fun

So, we decided there are enough holiday happenings on this blog that they need their own page-- make that two pages!!  On this page you will find all of our holiday centered projects.  If you're just looking for the list of holiday books, jump over here 

We will continue to add new activities for each holiday, so check back often!  We'll try to have the most current holiday at the top, but please bare with us if you have to scroll down a bit.

Valentine's Day
Easy and eye catching Valentine Wreaths
Heart Shaped Animals
Recycled Valentine's Boxes
Blowing Kisses Pop-Up Craft
Home Made Valentines for Classmates (non-candy)
Making Valentines, Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamps
Melted Crayon Valentines

St. Patrick's Day
Potato Stamping
Rainbow Activities

Advent Easter Tradition
Easter Egg Dying Techniques

Hand print monster activity
Ghosts made from footprints
pumpkin drilling activity
Spooky ink blown art
Counting the seeds in your pumpkin
Mod Podge Pumpkins
Making 'Bone Soup' (kids mixing concoctions)
Halloween cookie cutter glitter printing
Saving your pumpkin seeds

Stamp pad hand turkey activity
Fruit Turkeys
Kid made turkey napkin rings
Thanksgiving/Autumn Handprint Wreath

Hand Print Menorahs

Christmas tree topper activity
Origami star activity
keepsake handprint ornaments
Homemade Gingerbread Houses
Noseprint Cookies Recipe from Jan Brett
The AFTER-Christmas Tree, decorating it for the birds
I Spy Christmas ornaments
Clothespin Wreath
Bottle Top ornaments
Picture Book Advent Calendar
Holiday Handprint Wreath
Acorn Ornaments

Other Days of Note...