Sunday, October 16, 2016

Peanut Butter & Brains

Hello out there! How the heck are all of you? Things are rather quiet around these parts of the internet (as you may have noticed.)

Robyn's running a preschool and I'm teaching kindergarten. So, between the two of us doing that, wading though the knee high piles of laundry, and making dinner (at least occasionally), the blog is a bit behind things.

Sorry! I hope you've still had plenty to read! Ha, of course you have! But, I do have a cute book and it's sort of perfect for October-- although, I don't think monsters or zombies really seem to have a 'season' these days, do you? They're always an option, right?

Wait, I got ahead of myself, the book:

Reginald is zombie, but instead of brains, he's all about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Pretty clever, yes? I love how it's a completely kid friendly zombie story!  

Anyway, it turns out when you're a zombie PB&J is pretty hard to come by, you know with people always running away from you in fear.  It's tough!

But, in this book, things go our little zombie's way-- he even convinces his undead friends that PB&J is way better than brains!  And everything is looking up until Reginald discovers a new food he's (un)dying for...

Happy Halloween-ing! 
(In case I don't get around to saying it again.)


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