Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Anybody out there?? Wanna join me for StoryBots?

Well hello blogland! Long time no see!! Is anyone still wanting to read this? We kind of dropped off the face of the internet there for a few months (and possibly again after this post…because we are SUPER on the ball!)

Anyway, this fall found both Robyn and I back in the classroom. She is running a preschool (luckiest person on EARTH!! ) and I spent the first quarter of the school year in 1st grade creating a new generation of Mo Willems' addicts!! I do what I can for TEAM MO!

But, I am terribly sorry to report that you  never got to hear about all the cool stuff we've been doing!  I mean, the number of fantastic books I have read since I last posted…really it's such a shame!

I did learn about something fun and wonderful though from Cuteness' teacher-- how about I tell you about it right now??

Have ya heard about StoryBots? It's these adorable singing robots! I've watched a handful of the youtube videos in Cuteness' classroom, the one below being my MOST FAVORITE!! I seriously sing the chorus every time one of my kids gets mad now! So cute and catchy!!

Since Cuteness is also a fan (HA! these animated videos aren't just for parents, kids like them too!! Oh boy…) I downloaded the learning videos app for her! (It's free!) Oh my gosh she has gotten A LOT of mileage out of that thing!! Her personal fave?  It's this little gem. Planets that rap-- you can't go wrong with that people.

But besides planets and emotions, the bots are into singing about shapes, letters, numbers, DINOSAURS!! There are even classic children songs with a roboty twist!  There's something for everyone--seriously, they have a software engineer song! (I'm telling you, something for everyone!) And apparently there are more apps and games and a whole StoryBot universe of things that I didn't even know about…Yay!

Happy StoryBot-ing! 


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