Friday, August 14, 2015

The Little Red Preschool (of fish)

I'm having one of those crazy years where everything in my life is changing.  Lots and lots of changes.  Remodeling a house originally built in 1911.  Moving.  Opening up my own preschool.  Sending my little girl to kindergarten.  With so much up in the air I figured "why not take this crazy time to start-up a little side business designing and selling plush sea creatures?".  It's not really like that… but kind of.  Anyway, I've taken the first step and set up an Instagram account for them.  @thelittleredpreschooloffish You see, I've got my first (and real) venture 'The Little Red Preschool' and then my second (and silly) venture selling cute sea creatures (etc).  All proceeds will go to my school.

We'll see how it goes.  This is just a baby step.

Reguardless, I'd love for you to find me on Instagram.  I promise I won't flood your feed with fish.

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