Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Birdie's First Day of School

Oh my gosh! Guess what I saw at Target the other day??

How did I not know about this book? My kiddo is about to have her first day of school and she LOVES Birdie!

Like most kiddos, Birdie is a little nervous about starting school. People have told her all these good and weird and a little bit scary-ish things (that her teacher is a werewolf?? WHO WOULD DO THAT??)

But never fear,  of course it all turns out all right! And of course there is a lot of delightful art (which I sadly have very few pictures of!) And of course her teacher IS NOT a werewolf, he just has a beard!

Listen, I would have snatched this book up in a second and brought it home to read to Cuteness, but guess what? In the book, Birdie has a locket with pictures of her mom and Monster (her dog). Well, Cuteness happens to be very easily persuaded by literature-- especially if it involves jewelry. So, I'm thinking I better not read it to her until I have a locket for her as well…guess I should work on that.

Oh, and speaking of back to school, once upon a time we put together a list of some school-ish picture books we enjoy. Check them out here.  (And! Speaking of what I saw at Target the other day, this book is now out too!! Can't wait to read it!!)

Happy reading! 
(And if you're in my boat, happy locket shopping.)

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