Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Possum's Tail

Hello there!  When's the last time I shared a rhyming book with you?? You know I'm obsessed, and I'm pretty sure I haven't gone all rhyme crazy on you the whole summer?? I must be sick-- heat stroke maybe!  Well I just happen to have a cute right here!  It's called A Possum's Tail (not only rhyming, but a punny title!! I couldn't be happier!)

This book is filled with the most delightful illustrations of a little boy (Sam) and his pull behind dog making their way to the London Zoo.  The city scenes are so cute!

It's possums they're out to see. But when they get to the possum cage, all the possums do is sleep.  Or is it...

And because Sam doesn't know they're following behind, he causes quite a ruckus on his way back through the city!!  But tagging behind Sam isn't the only trick the possums have planned.  I'm not telling you all of it, but I will show you this…

Happy reading! 


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