Friday, August 21, 2015

A Letter from the Teacher

I realize that many of you are already in the full swing of school, but we haven't started yet around here.  But, we have been getting a few little whiffs of schoolishness here and there. You know, the supplies are all out in stores, bus routes are being sent to our mailbox, and letters have been coming in the mail from the new teachers.

Cuteness has been somewhat trepidatious about what her teacher will be like because-- HE'S A BOY?!? Being that she is a 5 year old girl, boys are not really her cup of tea.  Thankfully her teacher sent THE COOLEST letter to all the kids with lots of pictures and funny stuff and (best idea ever coming after these parentheses) some of his favorite books and app recommendations!  GENIUS!  The guys is speaking the kids' language with app ideas, right?

I'm super excited because the book list he sent was full of Mo Willems, Jon Klassen, and David Shannon! I have a good feeling Cuteness in gonna have a fantastic year, don't you?  Anyway, one book her teacher seems really excited about is….

Have any of you guys read this??  It's by JOHN ROCCO! Remember how much I was swooning about him in this post? Well, apparently Super Hairo is about a kid who thinks his super powers come from his awesome hair-- the longer it gets the stronger he gets!! AND, apparently there's some sort of villain (I'm guessing the barber of doom!) and yeah, I don't know what happens but I'm gonna be running straight to the library of this one! How about you?

Happy school starting friends! I hope you all have just the best year yet! And stay tuned, maybe next time I'll post about a book I've actually read…


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