Friday, July 17, 2015

Photos and books and getting it together…Dear Robyn,

Remember how we were just talking last week about the fact that neither of us are very good at doing anything with our photos??  In fact, I'm so bad about printing them off or sending them to grandparents or anything remotely memory making-ish, that when I take a photo I actually say to my kids "We have to get a picture of this or the computer won't know what we did." (Yup, because that's the only place my photos go…to the hard drive. Bad job me!!)

Well, I recently came across a book that gave me a little inspiration. It's called Naptime with Theo and Beau

The whole book is just these adorable photos of a boy and his puppy taking naps! Hello sweet and cute and why didn't I think of this??

WAIT!! YOU could totally make a cat one--about cats sleeping on kids' heads!! (Don't worry readers that's not scary, it's just a typical afternoon at Robyn's house…no cats or children will be harmed in the making of the book, I promise!)

Anyway, as I was saying, that book made me think how fun it would be to make a book out of my photos. Then it'd be memories and a story and just pretty much to coolest family keepsake ever, right??

I'm sure this won't surprise you, but the people on pinterest are about 6000 steps ahead of me on this. Check out these ideas for ABC photos books! Ooh, I think I spotted a color book on there--  AND a number book could be really fun too! Or opposites!

So, maybe that will give you some ideas for what to do with your photos?? Now I think we just both need ideas for how to find time to make these books. HA!! I'm sure I can find that on pinterest too sadly. (However, the best use of time is probably just staying off pinterest all together, right?)

 Happy memory book making!!


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