Thursday, July 30, 2015

ART SHOW 2015!

It happened!  And it was wonderful.  More than 60 people attended this year.  There were so many wonderful entries!  I wish I could go back and live this night again.  It was that much fun!  I'm so glad we have an annual art show.  I'm so grateful my kids pressured me to make this happen three years ago, it's become a tradition I absolutley love.


 Some things to take note of in the above photos:
*These pix are just a snippet of what there was to see.
*Kids and adults brought art work to display!  This is one of my favorite aspects of our show.
*We had a silent auction to raise money for the preschool I'm opening this fall, people were SO generous!  I have no words, only gratitude.
*The star stickers on the art work is how all of the attendees vote on their favorite pieces of art, that's a way we make the show interactive!
*The tiny art work was entered by Miss Kitten's fairy friends.  She's been having great adventures with a couple of fairies this summer.
*Our theme this year was SHAPES, that last wall of art was all inspired by our theme.  All of that work was donated to create a book (which I will compile) as a keepsake for ART show 2015.

It was the best night!  (A little rocky when the clouds threatened to rain) but in the end it was perfect.

I highly recommend starting up your own annual art show.  You won't regret it!

                                           Happy Creating!


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