Thursday, June 11, 2015

Don't read and drive…Dear Robyn,

Ha! Hopefully you didn't read that title and think I was going to have some sort of safety tips for you, 'cuz I don't.  You asked if there's a book in our house that must be heard everyday. Well, there kind of is! BUT, I don't read it to the kiddos and it's not in the house.  I will tell you this however, something has been making our car rides a complete delight lately! (Like how I'm all cryptic and all you have to do is look down?)

Hello picture books with CD's!! They are a kid in a carseat's best friend- who knew? I mean, yes, I have known the merit of books with an accompanying tape or CD but we've never used them in the car as we drove around town before- have you?? It's the best! Seriously!  Cuteness loves it and it makes driving time soooo much nicer (and quieter!)
We checked out a few from the library and just loaded them all in the CD changer thingy.  We keep the books in the back of the seat pocket and when we leave the house she just picks a book and away we go! I can actually use my brain to think about what errands we're supposed to be running in the first place, it's fantastic!

Our library has a pretty good selection and they're all on one shelf, so that makes browsing easy.  I think you could download audio versions from Audible, but I like the library option so we can have more variety without having to purchase. (Yes, that's the same reason I like plain old books from the library!)  If you haven't tried these in the car, you must! And tell me how it goes!!

Happy listening and drive safely! 


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