Friday, June 5, 2015

Dear Whitney,

Yesterday you asked what we've been reading lately.  This is what we've been reading everyday for the past five months at least.  Maybe longer- I think it has been longer actually.
Miss Kit can NOT go to sleep without hearing A sleepy story (A First little Golden book).  She adores it.  (And the boys are sick sick sick of it… but for the record I don't make them listen, I just read it to Kit in her bedroom and they happen to sleep next-door so they over hear it every night.)

This sweet little little golden book was published back in '82.  It's not one from my childhood (though that would be super cute if it was) I just picked it up thrifting cause it's a little golden and I'm obsessed with them (as is shown here).  You can see that it's a repetitive circle story and it's endearing and sweet.  And our is starting to fall apart, so I'm gonna have to order a second second hand copy for Miss Kit one of these days (since it's no longer in print and since she sleeps with it under her pillow every night).

Did I mention I adore 5 year olds?

Do any of your little chicks have a book they must hear every single day?  Either way…

                                  Happy Bedtime Story Reading,

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