Tuesday, May 12, 2015

On Market Street...

Oh my cool bookstore makes me so happy, last week especially! Not only did I find the a few of the greatest books ever, but I had used paperback credit!! It was pretty much a miracle; book money just sitting there waiting for me to spend it! Among other delightful things, I picked up a copy of On Market Street written by Arnold Lobel and illustrated by Anita Lobel.

Have you seen this book? (You probably have, it's from 1981, but in case you haven't…) It starts with rhyming and then goes into the most awesome and intricate alphabet illustrations imaginable! I'm telling you, Anita really outdid herself!  The art is fantastic!

The merchants down on Market Street
Were opening their doors.
I stepped along that Market Street,
I stopped at all the stores.
Such wonders there on Market Street!
So much to catch my eye!
I strolled the length of Market Street
To see what I might buy.

And I bought…

The people made totally out of each letter item! So wonderful!!  I could stare at these illustrations for hours! And the D page is terrific-- oh, and the I page!! Seriously,  good stuff!

Happy reading and happy alphabetizing!
PS- If you're looking for more alphabet books, check out our big list!  It has another one of my great finds from last week A, My Name Is Alice and a lot of our other favorites. I better add this beauty to the list! (Oh, and don't look too closely at the ending of that post-- because apparently I only know one way to end an alphabet book post.)

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