Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Uni the Unicorn (and one more reason to love Target and the best youtube song ever!)

So, I kind of have a thing about giving books as birthday presents--I mean not just to my kids, but to their little friends, to babies….anyone I can really.  And, seeing as how I write about kid's books on the blog and I have a mild (surely, let's call it mild-- HA!) obsession with children's literature in general, I kind of feel this internal obligation to find the right book for the birthday kid each time-- you know?

Does this happen to you?  Are you on a quest to arm children with reading materials that they will love and adore??

WELL, I AM! (I'm crazy right?? And sadly, I'm not exaggerating this….I really do go hunting all over town trying find the right book for each kid. I need help-- and I mean that in two ways: I need help scouring all the bookstores and I may need help mentally as well.)

So, last weekend Cuteness was invited to a party for a little horse lover! I was thrilled!! Horse books are some of our favorites in this house! I immediately start checking my local stores for books we love like Fritz and the Beautiful Horses by Jan Brett or My Pony by Susan Jeffers.  Either of those would make a fantastic birthday gift…BUT they were nowhere to be found in my town!

I branched out on titles. I tried Noni the Pony by Alison Lester and Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse by Rebecca Janni. No luck!

THEN! I remembered a new book that just might be perfect! It came out last fall (surely my town would have a newish book on the shelves, right??) Well, you'll never guess where I found it-- after all my bookstore calls and searches--TARGET!! (And plus being the only place in town to have a copy-- they gave me the online price for the book!! Even though I purchased it in the store!! So great!)

So, one little happy horse lover ended up with a copy of  Uni the Unicorn by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Brigette Barrager!  This book is seriously cute!

It's about  a unicorn that wishes little girls were real! (Perfect, right?)  Even though her parents and friends just think she's plain silly for hoping so, Uni knows that somewhere there is a little girl just waiting to have wonderful adventures together.

I love how she has drawings of little girls all over her walls!  See, she even dreams of playing with a real live little girl.  And, what Uni doesn't know is…

(Her socks are my favorite part! Oh, and did I mention that the kiddo we bought this book for was a little girl with long blonde hair-- it just made my crazy book finding heart so happy that the girl in the book was a blonde too!)

And look at the little girl's room. The art in this book and the parallels between Uni and the little girl! Seriously so wonderful! It's really a cute story about believing.

PLUS-- in my searches I came across the most magical youtube ever!! Check it out!!

Does that not just make your day?? The sliding down the rainbow! I'm telling you, this book is the perfect embodiment of what a little girl and a unicorn would actually do together!!

Happy reading and happy book finding! 


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