Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Squid and Octopus a new duo for you to love!

Well, if you've been reading our blog for awhile, then you know one of my favorite kinds of books is the kind where you have a couple of friends who star in stories where they march to the beat of their own drum!

YES! I love books like that! Who doesn't?

(If you don't then you probably just wanna move on to another post…Robyn's got an adorable new little lamb at her house, you could just scroll down. However, if you do…)

Have you heard about Squid and Octopus? Think Frog and Toad-- or George and Martha, but more legs and underwater! Sounds perfect, right?

Here, look how cute they are! Written and illustrated by Tao Nyeu, turns out I'm a fan. You will be too I think…

They're a funny and adorable pair. Squid knits and he's quite a musician!  And Octopus, well he's a fine artist (photography, painting and sculpting!)  The book is set up with 4 short little stories where they encounter silly things like a cowboy boot and a fortune cookie. Ha! It's so fun!!

And not only are Squid and Octopus adorable, but there's a whole host of  delightfully drawn ocean friends! Oh, and they have funny little side comments.  It's great!

I'm hoping like some of my other favorite duos, Squid and Octopus will become a series! That would be fantastic!

Happy reading!

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