Thursday, April 23, 2015

Speaking of Birthdays and Perfect Gifts and Staying on top of it all… Dear Whitney,

I loved your last post Whit!  The one about you finding the perfect birthday book gift and ending up with a book (one I want now) starring an adorable girl and a Unicorn.  So, I have to reply about your desire to get birthday gifts just right.  I think you are a little nuts.  In a really super, wonderful, that's why I like you so much kind of way.

And I also think your kids get invited to TOO many birthday parties.  It seems like you are having to find the perfect book gift every other week.  Which is a great excuse to make a stop at your cool used book store, but honestly- what's the deal with all the birthday parties???

I don't remember the last non family birthday party that my kids were invited to.  I'm not complaining.  And its not that I don't like birthday parties- I do!  I love them.  But I'm not good at planning ahead, or making special trips to the store to find the perfect book for each kid.  In fact, I'm not good at getting to walmart before the party to just get whatever for the kid.  On the rare occasion I do have to find a birthday gift I'm always scrambling last minute to find something… anything.  It's pathetic.

Now, I know you're feeling regret about not getting the perfect book for the latest party of a little fisherman (we were just texting about this yesterday).  BUT since you're sure to be shopping for another little boy who loves fishing again (because face it, your kids go to birthday parries all the time) here's that perfect book you were wishing you could find:

Good Day's Fishing by James Prosek.
In it a young boy sorts through his tackle box.  It's really wonderful!  And take it from a mom with a fishing obsessed kid, this book hits home!  It's just like real life and the watercolor illustrations are fantastic.  These photos really don't do them justice.

So- now you know for next time!

Happy Birthday Shopping,

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