Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hunters of the Great Forest

Hmmm, well, I have another wordless book for you. I seem to have quite a few of these lately…where do you stand on wordless books?  I happen to be a fan.


Some people are not however, like this lady I happened to overhear in the bookstore telling her grandson not to pick out a book with no words because those were for babies.


Yup, I almost barged right in on that discussion…somehow I held my tongue-- MIRACULOUSLY!  But, just to clarity here, in the safety of my own piece of internet: wordless books are not just for babies!

Take a look at this one! It's Hunters of the Great Forest by Dennis Nolan and it came out in Ocotober 2014-- right around the same time as The Farmer and the Clown. (And maybe, just maybe, good wordless books are released in 3's because I got another one I might have to tell you about sometime.) ANYWAY:

These adorable little gnome-ish people are off on a quest-- oh! it's a hunt! A huge hunt!  In the great forest!! But wait, before we set off on the hunt, just look at all the personalities that are captured in these little people.

I happen to be quite fond of the guy in the middle of the frame with the 3 piece mohawk-- is that what you'd call it-- and the fuzzy slippers! Oh, and the old granny with the spear! She's pretty much fantastic!! So, the hunt…

Look at the peril! Talk about your narrow escapes.

And the capture! Now if they can just get it back-- 4 of them to carry one marshmallow. (So great!)

My favorite part? The celebration!! All of the little folks taking a scoop out of the marshmallow!! Just adorable, don't you think??

Happy hunting!


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