Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Wolf! Wolf! (Or, the time Whitney totally misdirects Robyn…)

Hey, you'll never guess what happened yesterday. (I'm about to tell you though, so...)  I emailed Robyn and told her all about how I thought it might be fun to talk about Cinderella in all the posts this week since the new movie is coming out Friday!

Cuteness is SUPER excited to go see it!! (I hope it's all good for the pre-k crowd-- don't worry, I'll do a little review reading before we go.) Anyway,  I haven't even posted a fairy tale yet this year. Something might be wrong with me!  So, I headed to my library stash to see which of the lovely versions of Cinderella I should share with you first when I happened to notice one of my 'stumble upon' selections.

Guess what?? I am some sort of genius stumbler uponer!! This book is ________!!! (Insert your favorite synonym for great in the blank. Personally, I'm thinking of making some of my own, like fan-chanting, which would be fantastic plus enchanting or delight-riffic, obviously delightful and terrific or maybe  awes-orable, that's awesome and adorable.)

The thing is, it's not Cinderella. Sorry Robyn. Don't worry, you'll love it all the same!

It's Wolf! Wolf! by Jon Rocco, which happens to be the loveliest version I've ever seen of the fable The Boy Who Cried Wolf…

 I am flipping over this art!!  The cherry blossoms!!! (I hope the photos are reading well for you!) Anyway, you've got your classic portion of the tale with the boy tending the animals and then claiming to see a wolf. The town's people come and yada yada yada, not funny kid!

This time though, as you might have noticed in the last picture above, a wolf gets fooled too.  You see, he hears someone shouting 'WOLF!' from over the mountain so he walks the whole way to find out who might be calling for him. (I'm telling it kind of out of order, being confusing is my thing this week apparently.)

Now if you think the town's people were ticked, imagine how the wolf feels. First he had to get out his ear horn to even make sure he was hearing his name right (Ha! I love that part!) And then he walks all that way for nothing!!

Just when he's finally relaxing, soaking his aching feet and dreaming about goat dumplings (which would be a sliver lining to this miserable situation) he hears the kid yelling about a wolf again and thinks someone has beaten him to his own feast!

Punk'd again?! The wolf isn't taking it this time!  He confronts the kid and comes up with a completely delightful way to get himself a goat dinner without too much hard work. It's perfection! And there's even one more twist that I'm not telling! The cherry on top if you will!  I love it!

Happy reading! Oh, and sorry, I didn't mean to cry wolf about Cinderella!

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