Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dear Robyn, let me tell you about Gaston, a book you've probably already heard about...

I don't know how many of you have read our about page- (and before I publish this I should probably go read it and see if it still says this) but Robyn and I were pen pals before we started the blog. Actually, the whole blogging idea originally came up in a letter.

Anyway, back in the infancy of our blog we'd post to share books with each other (SHE HAD NEVER HEARD OF SPLAT!! Thank goodness I came back into her life!!)  So today, with that in mind, I have a little letter and book recommendation for my pen pal…except I'm not mailing it…or handwriting it…so I guess she's my keyboard pal?? (As usual, I digress!)

Dear Robyn, 
I don't know about you, but I'm pretty much totally out of touch with the happenings of the internet! And any trends and social information in general for that matter-- how long have thick dark eyebrows been the hip thing?

Anyway, all this stuff is going on and being written about and I seem to be waaaaay behind the times. WAIT!  I take that back-- I did see a whole lot of pointless nonsense about some dress…is it gold and white…is it blue and black…do I really even care in the slightest?

No! I do not!

I do, however, care about this little book,  Gaston by Kate DiPucchio.  Cute stuff, about dogs, great ending-- right up my alley!  But guess what, I think it's old news! See, I just checked and Danzel posted on it last JULY.

(Yes, I said July!  I don't know what's more embarrassing-- the fact that my library has it in the new section right now…8 months later OR the fact that I just saw her review right now…8 months later…EMBARASSING! Sorry Danzel!!)

And to make matters even more humiliating, it's posted again-- like three days ago on another site.  SO you, Robyn, are my saving grace! Maybe, just maybe you have not heard of this book yet.  Have you?

Here, I'll give you a peek…
  I'm particularly fond of the name Foo-Foo! That's perfect, don't you think? And Ooh-La-La is pretty great too. Anyway, as you can see these are Mrs. Poodles puppies. But, one of these thing is not like the others. (You should be reading that to the tune of the sesame song, I'm sure you did.) Don't worry though, Gaston does his best to be just as poodle-ish as his sisters, even if he has to work a bit harder at it.

Then one day at the park the Poodle family notices something strange…
There, I made that all court like for you-- but isn't the pic on the right where they're all lined up nose to nose so funny? Anyway, apparently something went awry at the doggie hospital-- it's switched a birth, the dog version!

But, you'll never guess (or maybe you will)-- they decide to switch so the puppies are with their proper breeds. It turns out you can't teach a young dog new tricks either…
I love how he's saying ick while he reads a book and drinks tea! And look at the poodles faces-- I mean it's such a simple drawing, but you can totally read the shock and disgust all over their faces.

Now, don't be worried they switch back and everything turns out swell (and there's a good little message about overcoming stereotypes.) But, remember how I said it had a cute ending? Well I pretty much adore this one SO I'm just gonna spill the beans. (Plus the rest of the internet has already seen it.)

Gaston and Antoinette grow up to fall in love and have puppies of their own! Love it, right?  And look how cute and cleverly mixed breed the puppies are! Adorable!!

Well Robyn, I hope it's new to you-- but, you know what-- I've had a change of heart. I think it's totally fine that this book has been talked about at least 3 times now on the book bloggers network (if that's a real thing).  I mean that dumb dress went viral and there was not cute story or fun illustrations with that.  At least this is useful and adorable information that's being repeated. Don't you think? Well, either way, happy reading!

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