Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Birthday Week and 2 ideas to make birthday's a little simpler for you...

Hey all, do you remember what March means on our blog? (Here's a hint, it has nothing to do with basketball…or St. Patricks Day apparently this year. Oops.)  It means birthday time for our little girls! Yay!!

That's right, Kitten and Cutenss both have March birthdays so we usually like to celebrate on the blog with some sort of girly birthday-ish happiness.  This year we're calling it birthday week (even if we're just starting on Wednesday) and we've got some birthday books to share. But first, how about we kick it all of with 2 birthday ideas that have been a big help around my house...

I know, a paper chain--not exactly new territory here, but have you ever made one for a birthday countdown?? That ends at a cupcake picture?? Well, it's been extremely helpful in showing Cuteness how many days are left until her birthday (without me having to get the calendar down and count them out with her every five minutes.  It's the little things people.) She can be super excited without her mom getting annoyed. I don't want her to feel like I'm annoyed about her birthday, because I'm certainly not-- the birthday is wonderful and sweet and joyous…it's the constant counting I'm not as excited about. Enter the paper chain (which we made together) and everyone is happy!

I'm not a star at writing thank you notes. At all. It's embarrassing actually, I really need to work on it. But, I do have a pretty good trick for my kiddos writing them.  And before you get all Miss Manners on me, I said these are the most easy-peasy, not the most etiquette correct.  Who am I kidding, that sentence probably isn't even etiquette correct as far as grammar is concerned. But really, this has helped me a ton!

Before each kiddo's birthday party I have them write a nice simple note (something like 'Thank you for coming to my party. I hope you had fun!') Then I just photocopy the note they wrote and stick one right in each goody bag!  Ta-da! Thank you's to all the party goers are complete!   True this is not exactly how thank you notes are usually done, but I think for little kids this is a wonderful start to writing thank you's and it makes mom's life easier…something I'm always in favor of!

Remember, stay tuned for more birthday themed fun this week. Happy reading!

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