Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Whit's Wacky Valentines

Well, it's that time of year again…the time where you'll find me in the party aisle of the store looking for any little doodads I can slap a pun on and turn into a valentine.

Yes, this is what I do! I don't have many marketable skills, but if there ever becomes a world shortage of cheesy puns or goofy rhymes, just call on me!

What? You don't think this going to become an issue. Well, okay then, how 'bout some valentines?

I actually had quite a bit of luck in the Valentine goody section this year-- the manufacturers of cheap-o babbles are picking up on my secret that anything can be made valentiny. (They just make it pink and red or slap a heart on it…and do I buy it? Of course I do.)

So, Cuteness went for glow stick necklaces! (We found them in Wal-mart's valentine section.) Each stick has some sort of cupidy lookin' cover (which I assume will glow when we crack the stick??)  Regular glow sticks would be sooo easy too-- and you could just use a hold punch to attach them-- you know, make two holes and thread the stick through. That'd be a cinch!

These duckies (Michael's valentine section) were pretty much too cute to say no to. Rainy agreed, so she's handing these little squeakers out.  As for attaching these, scrapbook glue dots or a dab of hot glue should do the trick quite nicely. (I'm showing you both the 'boy' ones and the 'girl' ones because I like both little sayings we came up with-- and, you know she can't be call the boys "my sweet." That would be disgusting!!)

And look, the one on the left, I even got smart there and made room for her to write her friend's name… if she wants. *(See my name writing rant below.)

Lilac is doing the mazes (from Michael's again) and I think they turned out adorable! I'm using the glue dots or hot glue dab again to attach these (I have to have both options cuz I might run out of one…that's how I roll.)  She's got another saying for the girls: You're an a-MAZE-ing friend!

There you have it! Simple AND fast AND cheap AND cute-- all good things!  If these punny little guys are the key to your heart then you might also like these valentines from the party aisle or these foodish ones too!

Alright, good luck getting through all the valentine prep!

* Oh, and my rant, if you want to read it…

Making little kids write the name of every single person in the class is TORTURE! Kindergarteners? PRESCHOOLERS??? I think even in first and maybe second grade it can still be rough. So why bother?

Seriously!! Just get the valentines, let your kid write his or her own name and then they can pass each one out to whoever they want!  So much less stress and confusion-- trying to spell all the weird names (not to mention the fact that you're kid has to try to read that name in the difficult to decipher kid scrawl so they can pass the stinkin' things out.) Why put your kid and yourself through this?

Just sayin…Happy Valentine's Day!

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