Tuesday, February 3, 2015

This Book Just Ate my Dog

So, guess what. I was gonna post something totally different today BUT then I realized I've been meaning to post this book and it is due  (yesterday!) and I've reached my checkout limit on this baby, so you get to hear about it today.

How do you feel about interactive books? I'm not talking like iPad books or something. I mean books that ask the reader questions, or tell them to do things?

(If you don't like those king of books, you might want to just to scroll on down…of course I'm here talking to you and asking you things. So if you don't like that kind of stuff, you're probably not even reading anymore.)

For those of you who are still here: THANK YOU! And, how about this cute little story

I like the twist of the book eating the dog, rather than the dog eating the book.  Also, it's so fun to watch your kiddo's faces when you read a book like this! They get surprised and confused and then smiley and giggly. It's great!

So, the story! Bella's out walking her dog when…

And even…
Luckily Bella has an idea.  Just shake the book and everyone will fall back into place. Let the shaking and laughing begin!


Well, almost.  Cute, right?  We've enjoyed it! Now off to the library it goes for someone else. Oh, but not with out this little funny…

Happy reading! 


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