Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Adventures of Beekle The Unimaginary Friend!

Well hello again! You're hearing from me twice this week because when I went to the library to return my overdue book Tuesday, you'll never guess what was waiting for me on the holds shelf.  (Ok, you might guess from the title of this post.) It's this year's Caldecott Medal book!!! Robyn wanted to see it too, so she suggested I post it today. And, her wish is my command!  Also, since winning the Caldecott is all about the art, I'm just gonna warn you in advance that I'm going possibly overboard on the photos…umm, yep. Pretty Cute art in this one…obviously!

Beekle is an Imaginary Friend, expect he hasn't been imagined by a child yet.  He waits and waits, but he still isn't chosen. So, he decides to set out on his own adventures.
Somehow he ends up in the real world.  It's a lot more boring and grey than he imagined. (The grey gloominess around all the adults in this book is something my kids picked up on right away-- it's probably pretty realistic, which is kind of sad.)
But then he finds a place he has a good feeling about!

Hmmm, still no friend for him though. So he waits., until…
Oh! the part where they are meeting-- or deciding to be friends, I don't know what to call it, but it's really cute…

And then things start to feel right.
Ha! Well I just showed you the whole book pretty much! Thoughts?  I happen to think it's very cute and unique! Cuteness is quite a fan as well!  And hey, since I'm showing so many images, how about the awesome endpapers with all the imaginary friendships…
Happy imagining and happy reading!
PS- It's temporarily out of stock on Amazon as of posting this, but they have available now for just a dollar more on Barnes & Noble. 

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