Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Never Mail an Elephant

Do you ever get book recommendations from your 4 year old?  Wait, let me rephrase that-- does your 4 year old ever tell you about a book that you really really want to go find? Mine does!

She came home from preschool (after a field trip to the post office) and told me all about a book where someone tries to mail an elephant! YES! I had to find this book-- do you all know my elephant love?

So I checked the library, no luck. But, I was not above getting my child to ask if she (I mean I-- no I mean WE) could borrow it from school.
It all begins with a little boy who wants to mail his cousin an elephant for her birthday. That makes perfect sense, right? I'd love it if someone mailed me an elephant for my birthday!!  Anyway, he needs some supplies (including and elephant-- HA!)
Then it's time to wrap the elephant up…
And (so funny) he has to get the elephant into the mailbox.  Of course, what goes in must come out.  That poor postman…
Anyway, despite all the effort, apparently this is not how you send an elephant to someone?? Our friend and the elephant are back to square one.
But never fear!  His cousin does get the elephant for her birthday and the way the elephant ends up being delivered, well it pretty much makes the book! I seriously love the ending!

My kiddo was right, it's a great book!  And if you want to make a whole theme of it, here are a few ideas…

Take a note from Cuteness' preschool teacher: field trip to the post office and go behind the counter. (In  the back you might just get to see the stamp on your very own mail get canceled!)

Thank your own mail carrier like we did here.

Take up stamp collecting (matching, comparing, etc.) like Robyn and Snoopy have done.

Also some other fun mail centered books…




Happy reading and happy mailing!!


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