Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Big Clifford or Little Clifford...

As you may remember there is not shortage of love at our house when it comes to Clifford. (Well, except maybe my dad-- he's sick of Clifford. I think one time when he came to stay he read every Clifford book we own-- that's like 30-- in 2 days. So yes, he OD'ed on Clifford.)

Cuteness, however, has not had her fill. She's on the major Clifford binge at the moment.  She's all about the show on Netflix.  Wait-- I have a rant about this!

I always have one, don't I?

Darn that Netflix-- when it's on the iPad it just starts up a new episode right after one ends-- it is impossible for me figure out when it's over so I can get her to turn. it. off. Please Netflix, change this! I am letting my child watch a show so I can get something done-- I do not want her to watch it all day and I do not want to sit there and watch the whole thing so I can make sure I know when it ends-- plus when there's two short stories that make up an episode how am I supposed to know if it's the end of the first story or the end of the episode??

ANYWAY, she loves the books too. (And guess what, I DO know how to tell when those end.) We've been reading a lot of them. A lot! So, after all this reading and watching, we've come across a question for other Clifford lovers-- which Clifford is your favorite? Big Clifford or little Clifford?
Curteness is 100% on team little Clifford. But I was kind of on the fence so I was weighing it out. You see, little Clifford is so cute, but he's so small. I mean it's adorable that he fits in your pocket, but he gets lost all the time, he takes a lot of care and he makes messes-- big ones!
Of course, big Clifford is sooooo big-- but he's easy to find. He doesn't go in the house (I'm calling this a positive and a negative.)  He does helpful stuff, like saving people.  I would totally feel safe letting my kid go alone anywhere with big Clifford.  But he makes really really bad messes. (And just imagine cleaning up after him…in the yard. YIKES!  That alone pushed me right over little Clifford's side!)  But he's a giant lovable dog. I mean Emily Elizabeth can ride him to school, that is pretty darn endearing! I don't know. I'm up in the air again. Any opinions either way from all of you?
While you're deciding, let me ask you this. Did you know there are Clifford chapter books?  I didn't. We were looking on the library website for a few more titles (because 30 isn't enough??) and I came across the chapter books. I think we may have to check those out too. (They aren't by the original creator of Clifford, Norman Bridwell, but I think we'll give one a try and see if we like them.)

Ha! As if right on cue, my dogs started barking!  I guess that's enough big red dog talk.  Time to go deal with little brown dogs.

Happy reading!

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