Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Terrible Two

Hey, how about a new chapter book? A funny one! I have the perfect thing, it's The Terrible Two by Mac Barnett (remember him!) and Jory John.  It just came out last week!

First you meet Miles. He's the new kid at school and he is a serious about pranks! So serious, in fact, that he is bound and determined to solidify his reputation at the best prankster this new school has ever seen.  But friends, he keeps encountering problems...

Problem number one is Niles. Niles is everything Miles isn't! He wears wing tipped shoes to school. He's pals with the principal (he even has a school helper sash) and he is all up in Miles' face.  ALL. THE. TIME. Niles even tries to give Miles a brief 5 question survey over the phone! (That's pretty funny actually, if you're not Miles.)

Miles next problem is Princlpal Barkin WHO IS ALWAYS YELLING SO ALL HIS TALKING IS IN ALL CAPS!!! (Which I love!) Principal Barkin has it out for Miles from day one. And Principal Barkin has all these funny signs posted around the school that say PRINCIPAL BARKIN SEZ, which is mostly just funny, and not really a problem for Miles, well expect maybe this one…

But the real problem is the pranks! Miles' pranks keep getting foiled and on top of that-- HE is getting OUT-PRANKED!! It's more than he can handle. He almost cracks under the pressure. BUT, an unlikely solution presents itself and-- and, well it turns out to be pretty fantastic for him!

Listen, this book is great! It's a quick read and it's got funny art (by Kevin Cornell) breaking up the text (which enhances the story and also makes the book less intimidating to reluctant readers). I'd say it's about right for the 3rd to 5th grade crowd, boys and girls alike.

It's the classic grade school novel (think Judy Blume or Andrew Clements) but with all these fun twists and cow facts-- YES, I said cow facts!  Mac Barnett and Jory John! They've created this hilarious story with completely outrageous pranks, yet it's totally relatable and even has a underlining theme of friendship and teamwork. Awesome job gentlemen!

Happy reading, and happy pranking!

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