Friday, January 23, 2015

Take Away the A

We just discovered a fantastic new book!  Take Away the A by Michael Escoffier.  First of all I love ABC books, I could collect ABC books forever (and I probably will).  Secondly, this book is the kind that makes your mind tick.  After reading it to my 7 year old the other night we stayed up making words into new words… If you take the R out of Frog, he's left in the Fog.  If you take the M out of Lamb he works in a Lab.  If  you take the R out of Carp, he's wearing a Cap.  It's such a fun game!!!  (Just Whitney's style, I bet she'd be a master at playing this game… whereas I really have to think about it.  But still, it's fun for me too.)

It's a good one!  Find yourself a copy and have fun figuring out riddles of your own.


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