Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sick Simon

So, remember when I told you about The Great Lollipop Caper? Well, you're in for more quirky picture book fun today because I have Dan Krall's newest book, Sick Simon!

Confession: I'm sort of a germ freak...admitting it is the first step, right? But really (and I blame teaching school for this) I am some sort of hand sanatizer slinging and hand washing sheriff! And FORGET IT if someone else tries to prepare meat in my kitchen-- but wait-- that's another story all together! Anyway, when it comes to germs, this is book is kind of great! (And horrifying at the same time). Well, you take a peek...

Yup, it's about this kid, Simon, and he is sick! Look! See his super gross nose? Totally disgusting, right?  (There is one point in the book where it's an actual river of green-- YIKES!) The thing is, Simon doesn't really seem to notice his ailments so much, but everyone else sure does….

Ha! The kid reaching for the show and tell toy, his expression is classic! I'm sure you didn't know this, but apparently all this infection dispersal this makes germs super happy! So happy in fact, that they strike up a little conversation with Simon...

(Dan Krall is like some sort of magician when it comes to word bubbles-- the talking germs are HILARIOUS!!)

Simon is just appalled to find out he's been the star of a one man germ delivery show! So,  he takes matters into his own hands, literally!

'Is his nose talking?' HA! I love that one (almost as much as the germs telling Simon what they do). Anyway, things work out great for Simon...

Plus, all the other kids are so happy too! Isn't that cute? Everyone in our house found this book quite amusing!

But really-- I think its pretty clever don't you?  I mean, how many times have you told your kids to wash their hands, cover their mouth, etc…NOW GERMS ARE TELLING THEM! That's something new.  Plus the back cover-- I want to blow it up and plaster it all over my house…

Now let me tell you something even more fun, we have 2 copies to giveaway! You can meet the talking germs in person-- and you don't even have to get sick (THANK GOODNESS). So, stay tuned on Facebook and Instagram- we're giving away a copy at each location!

Happy reading and happy germ fighting!


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