Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sam & Dave Dig a Hole

Hello out there! Happy New Year! (Should those all be capitalized? I have no idea-- well-- I have an idea but you don't really want to read about that, so let's move on.)

January, HELLO, welcome! How are you-- cold and wet apparently, but we're just gonna ignore that because January is a special month in the world of kid lit…well, actually February is special this year (WOW, this is going terribly! I make no sense at all!!!)  Anyway, THE POINT is: it's almost time for the book awards to be announced! YAY!!

I wish they had red carpet coverage at the the American Library Association Midwinter meeting. Instead of 'who are you wearing' they'd ask, 'who are you reading?' It'd be great! I'll be the interviewer!! How can I get that job? I bet if I asked Ellen Degeneres she'd send me. She's always letting regular people go do that!

Oh wait, I have a point: who do you think is gonna win?? It just might be this book. Have you seen it?

It's really just Sam and Dave (and a dog) and a simple plan to dig until they find something spectacular...

It's not a easy as you may think…

They try a lot of different routes...

Where is something spectacular???

So funny, right? My kids would get all excited about them getting close to a giant diamond and then be like, "Huh?? They turned??" It's pretty cute stuff. And, the end has this sort of mysteriousness and silliness (and a dog bone), which I think we can all agree is a great combination!

The book is written by Mac Barnett (who I am 1000% humiliated to say I have been calling Marc Barnett until just recently. So embarrassing!! Good thing I haven't actually talked to him or anything! Ellen, I promise to say people's names correctly when I'm on the library red carpet.) Plus, MAC has teamed up with Jon Klassen again! You may remember these two brought us the Caldecott Honor book Extra Yarn, which you know I adore. (If you don't know, see here.) There's a chance they could be headed that way again…?

Alright friends, have a great day, actually make that a SPECTACULAR day! 

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