Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Twas the Night Before Christmas...

Hi everyone, Whitalics here.  Today's a real treat! We've got a bunch of different versions of  The Night before Christmas for you. Finding these was so fun (if you're the kind of person who likes to comb the library for lots of unique versions of the same book-- which WE totally are!!) ALSO- after spending time looking on amazon it made me want SO MANY versions I've never seen before.  These are all different artists renditions set to the original poem. (Don't you worry we'll have parodies another time.)

James Marshall is just so funny!  I love seeing his comic illustrations in contrast with this classic text.  It's a fantastic pairing. (I love this one too!)

I am completely in love with the Holly Hobbie one!!  Just look, the illustrations are so sweet!! I asked Santa to it bring to our house for keeps!! And I've been a good girl so I really think he will.  (I want Santa to bring this one to me too!!!  Oh man!  MUST WRITE A LETTER TO SANTA!)

This Hallmark tribute to Coca-Cola is no longer in print but I've found several copies 2nd hand over the past few years.  I just adore the classic illustrations by Haddon Sundblom and Garin Baker.  Totally gorgeous pictures that you wish you had framed and hung all over your house for the holidays.

The Rachel Isadora version is so bright and refreshing! It's the classic poem with illustrations set in Africa, very unique! (Also, as a side note, so many of these have a pet cat…it that why the mouse isn't stirring?)

If you are looking for cute, look no further.  Mary Engelbreit's illustrations are the SWEETEST CUTEST illustrations!  You'll probably want a bowl full of Christmas candy after reading this version.

This version by Richard Jesse Watson is great! (We both got it from the library and picked it as a favorite for the list!) Santa's goggles are awesome, his sleigh is fantastic, and his suit is a real show stopper!!

If you're looking for a  more manly rendition pick up this one by Bruce Whatley.  The perspectives he illustrates from are so cool!  The reindeer seem to want to fly right off the page!  And there's a whole other story (besides the original) going on in the pictures.

I could have sworn I had the Tasha Tudor version from the library (must have been a dream.) However, this Gennady Spirin one has a nice ornate sort of old fashioned feel. It's very classic looking!

And that's a wrap, because I probably should go and wrap something...haven't wrapped anything at this point. Where are the elves when you need them? Anyway, As Robyn said, there are so many more versions of this book (that we want to own!) ((I did say that… and I meant it.  I would own 50 different renditions of the same book if I could… and I probably will some day.))  We could probably post on  versions of this classic poem all December long. What's the best Night Best Christmas rendition that you've seen?  


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