Thursday, December 18, 2014


 It's been a while since we've featured a book inspired craft.

Here's the story… My husband was on bedtime story detail.  I'm putting laundry away and trying to figure out what Christmas story he's reading.  It sounds more like a tutorial than a story.  The cogs were turning in my brain when (like a light switch) 'Richard Scarry of course!!!'

One page toward the middle/back of Richard Scarry's Best Christmas Book Ever!  The page is titled "What Shall We Give Grandma for Christmas?"  My kids were hooked then and there.

After that we wanted to know MORE about pomanders.  Fruit (apple, orange, tangerine etc) completely covered in whole cloves (the cloves preserve the fruit and the pomander ball will last for several years, so they say) to make the world smell sweet and spicy- they've been around since the dark ages when people really reeked and needed something to carry with them to lighten the stench.  So interesting!  As you can see, we've gone a little pomander crazy...
We've made pomanders out of small tangerines, they are adorable!  The tangerines were the easiest to make because of their small size and the thin skin is not hard to push the whole cloves into (these were easiest for the kids).  We also tried apples.  This took time (because of the size), but was not difficult.  The lemon… it smells DIVINE but my fingers are still sore from that one.

So, there you have pomanders!  And you know what?  I think my kids will make these for their grandmother this Christmas.  Thank you Richard Scarry.


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