Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Parodies!

Oh me oh my! I'm a touch excited about this one people!  In fact, I'm so excited I made a little song for you! I think you'll know the tune when you read the words...

On the last list this Christmas the pen pals gave to me.
A whole lot of fun parodies!

Okay, so that was really just a snippet of a song-- how awesome would it be if I had written the whole post to the tune of a Christmas carol!! Next year….I better start working on the rhyming now though. ANYWAY, PARODIES!! (Surely by this point you know of my pure and never ending love of parodies??)  This post is chock-full of some holiday takes that I'm sure you'll enjoy!

The Twelve Bots of Christmas by Nathan Hale is the robot lover's Christmas anthem! It stays close to the original, but all the stuff if made from robots! So clever!! I particularly like the 3 wrench hens!

Santa Claus and the Three Bears by Maria Mudugno is a holiday spin on Goldilocks (of course). It has art by the fabulous Jane Dyer, really just plain sweet and charming!

You may have heard of The Little Red Elf by Barbara Barbieri McGrath. (I've mentioned it a few times, not always around Christmas.) We love the elf and her spunk! Oh, and the unhelpful cohorts are very funny too!

You can't tell me you don't love the Old Lady who swallowed stuff parodies! (Everyone in this house does.)  I've got one where she swallowed some snow and I know there's another where she swallows a bell. I don't know why she swallowed the bell, perhaps I'll run to the library so I can find out.

Being on team dog, it almost pains me to say this, but The Twelve Cats of Christmas by Kandy Radzinski is cute. I even picked this for the list over a dog version of the 12 days. I must be coming down with something. (PS- there must be a lot of crazy cat lady authors out there because there are a lot of version of this! We got 2 from the library and preferred this one.)

A Pirate's Night Before Christmas by Phillip Yates is good old fashioned parody fun! The pirate version of Santa comes from the deep and has a sleigh pulled by seahorses! Plus there is lots of pirate talk thrown in! You arrrren't gonna want to miss it!

And that's it, well unless you know about a good parody that I might have missed!  Do tell, I can never get enough of these!

Happy reading! 

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