Tuesday, November 18, 2014

From the Classroom: Buddy Book Bags

Let me just begin by saying this is not my idea! It comes from my child's first grade teacher, BUT I love it so much I had to share for all our teacher friends who are reading. (Of course, all our teacher friends are probably busy teaching right now, but maybe in the summer when they have a chance to sit and read blogs they will this idea.)

So, our awesome first grade teacher has put together these little bags and kids take turns bringing them home for the weekend. (The whole weekend!!) When one of my kids brings a buddy book bag home it is sheer excitement!  Each bag has a stuffed animal, two or three picture books about that kind of animal and a little journal for the kiddo to write about the weekend in!

It's so fun because you get read what your friends did with the stuffed animal and you get hug and love on this special toy that belongs to your teacher! I don't know if you realize this, but in kid speak, if someone loans you a stuffed animal that's like winning an oscar! Am I right?

All my girls adore when the buddy book bag comes home!  Even daddy gets in on the action! PLUS there's the teacher perspective: getting books into kids' homes AND getting kids excited about reading AND getting parents involved! It's an all around win!!

Our teacher also has a little letter in the bags. The letter is from the stuffed animal!! (Cute, right?)  It talks about how excited the stuffed animal is to come home with each kid and reminds the kids to keep the bag contents all together and remember to take it back on Monday. Super clever and cute!

If I was still teaching first grade I would make these bags immediately! I even think I might mention them to our preschool teacher (because I'm obsessed, apparently.)  I love them so much and I'm sure you all think i'm insane for going on and on about this but IT IS THE CUTEST CLASSROOM IDEA EVER!!

Happy Reading!


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