Monday, November 24, 2014

Big Pig and the Lost Elf

Well, I just can't hold the Christmas in anymore! I can't!! So, if I'm gonna let it out then I think it might as well be with this delightful book…

Big Pig and the Lost Elf! It's by Randy Briley. (You may remember him from this post, or this one -- we're fans of his around here!) Can I just say, it's so cute people!  The art in this book!! SO FUN!!

But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me tell you a little about the story! It's Christmas time and Big Pig wants to help around the farm.  He's offering assistance to everyone...

The sheep! Their wool-dos! HA! (Sadly, the sheep do not share my amusement.)

And it turns out Pig isn't so great at driving the tractor either. Oops! (Can I just say Randy Briley's signature wide eyed characters are perfect in this story!) Anyway, just when he thinks all hope of helping anyone is lost, an elf turns up. And boy does he need help!

He's got to get back to the North Pole and so the adventure begins!

The places they end up are so awesome! The art depicting those places!! Love it! (That's why I'm show like a zillion images-- they're so fun!) And I almost forgot to mention the fact that it's a RHYMING BOOK! Who can resist that? Plus it's the fun kind of rhyming book where you get some silly rhymes like hugs and humbugs. (That's cute, right?)

After I first read this I was thinking, 'The art in the book! It really should really be put on cards!" Guess what? It IS on cards! (Here's an image and if you like Raven Mad Studios on Facebook you can get all the details!)

I'm not going to spoil the end of the story for you, but I will say it's a good one!  It involves a gift-- the perfect gift for lost travelers!

And hey, the good thing about me posting this before Thanksgiving that you have plenty of time to get it before Christmas!  You can find a copy here or here or here -- how's that for options?  If you're looking for a fresh and playful read this Christmas, you really should put Big Pig and Lost Elf on your list!

Happy reading!

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