Tuesday, November 4, 2014

And my fractured fairy tale obsession continues...

Look what I found! (You should read that in a sing songy voice because that's how I meant it.)  A new Goldilocks! Yippeee!

I have a problem, don't I?  Sorry, I can't help myself.  Check this out!

Oh how the tables have turned this time…

It's the bear! Look at him on the bean bag chair! He also mistakes the fishbowl for porridge!! It's so funny!  BUT you will never guess who's house he happens to bust into!!!

Okay, maybe you will…the title gives a little clue (I didn't catch it…? I don't know why not, I think the thrill of a new fractured fairy tale just had me off my game.) ANYWAY!! She's all grown up! She lives in a New York penthouse! Genius!!

This book WILL be under our tree this Christmas-- Santa and I still have to work out the details on who will be giving the book and who will be receiving it, BUT it will be in my house permanently!

Also, am I a bad person if I'm giving my kids books that I really want in MY collection?? What if they want to take them when they grow up?? WHAT IF I TELL THEM NO!!! I'm having guilt…help me out here.

Happy reading!


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