Thursday, October 23, 2014

Volunteer Pumpkin Patch

You can read about volunteer pumpkin patches in both Too Many Pumpkins and Pumpkin Jack.  The first story follows a little old lady who detests pumpkins!  She can't stand the things… then one day when the BIG pumpkin truck comes rumbling by a gigantic pumpkin rolls off the back and breaks into a million pieces in her yard.  I bet you can guess what starts growing the next spring.  I LOVE the illustrations in this book!!!  It's a treasure for sure.  Then with Pumpkin Jack, a little boy carves a pumpkin and LOVES it too much to see it go.  He leaves the Jack-o-Lantern in the garden and it rots and sits and… yep, something magical happens the next spring.

You can live these books too if you like.  We did.  Last year a pile of pumpkins got neglected in the farm yard.  Look at our bounty!!!  What a treat indeed!

Happy Harvest!

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