Tuesday, October 21, 2014

There's a Wolf at the Door

I found a fun new fairy tale book at the library!  I'll be honest, I was actually drawn to this book because of the size. I love when books are unexpectedly large or small….

or long or fat…

any abnormal or unexpected size, really.

(Although, in my home library these are the ones I'm always frustrated with because they never look right on the shelves next to the regular sized-ish books. But, that's really between me and my OCD, isn't it?)

Anyway! There's a Wolf at the Door is a comic style take on a few favorite wolf centered tales.  The stories are woven together with the Wolf being the main character throughout. Obviously, it's no secret by now that I happen to love fractured fairy tales, but just in case anyone is new, "Hi, my name is Whitney and I love a good fractured fairy tale."

There's lots of quirky fun in this book!  You'll see the 3 little girls, the boy who cried wolf (and his very helpful sheep-- they come in a few times), as well as meeting 7 clever little goslings. But my favorite twisted tale in the book is Little Red Riding Hood.

Red Riding Hood, named Rhonda in this version, is a self-centered little fashion diva! She doesn't care for much besides red clothing and accessories, and shopping for said red things. Her parents are a little worried. They think maybe a little act of altruism will help her out...

Obviously, Rhonda ends up doing the 'job' mostly as an excuse to wear her red cape.  She, of course, meets the Wolf (who happens to have impeccable fashion sense) you see where this is going….Oh, except I bet you didn't see this coming…

She ends up taking him down with her shoe!! So perfect! I'm a fan, if you didn't catch that before. And, the other stories in this book have the same sort of silly, cartoonishly slapstick comedy. It's fun!

Maybe this book will be at your library too! It'll be the one that is sticking out all skiwampus from the shelf.

Happy reading!

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