Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Here's a Halloween post for ya...

Irony.  Not the bestest of friends.
My sis works at a middle school.  Not long ago she got head lice.  She was pretty upset (understandably so).  Last week as I was pursuing the book fair with my kids I saw Bugs in My Hair! by David Shannon.  I couldn't resist.  I purchased a copy with the full intention of mailing it to my dear sister.  FAST FORWARD three days.  Adorable Miss Kitten (my sweetest four year old) gets out of the bath on Sunday morning, I glance at her head… BUGS!!!  yep.  Suddenly the book is no longer a hilarious joke to send to my 'grimy-headed' little sister.  More like an ironic twist on my own life (and that of my family).  So, for story time Sunday night we enjoyed ourselves a little David Shannon.  And we all had a good laugh.  Cause guess what folks?  If you don't laugh you're going to cry.

Happy Itching,

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