Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Why can't I have a library card to my kids' school library?

Seriously, why?

I want one.

Sure, the public library has me listed as a delinquent because of my fines, but they still let me check out unlimited books!! I seems like 'delinquent' is just on my permanent record now for some reason. I don't know why.

Just kidding, I totally know why-- it's because every time I pay my fines I forget to bring back one book that's due the next day…so I automatically go back on the naughty list. Seriously, I cannot tell you the number of times this has happened.

ANYWAY!  I soooo want to be able to check out books from my kids' school library! Really bad!! You see, I was in there yesterday (long story…but probably not as long as this post-- sorry!) and Rainy was going to check out books. She can pick two and since Cuteness really wanted to check one out but she's not in school yet, Rainy said they could each pick one. (What about me??)

Well, we walk over to the picture book section and I am not kidding you it was like Christmas! I swear the librarians ordered all these brand new books overs the summer and they have them all set out on the top self in their fresh new shiny jackets. They were all calling out to me! I must have picked up like 4 before I realized that we were the only people in the library besides the librarians….and I should really let my children make their own choices…and what kind of crazy mom comes in and gets all giddy about like every picture book she sees?

But guess what, Rainy is short! She's never gonna be getting a book off the top shelf!! That's not even on her radar!!


The librarians must be protecting those new books-- kind of like some weird library version of Toy Story 3-- they don't want all the new books lost or torn or run over by the school bus so they put them waaaay up high where the kids won't notice them.


Boy, did I ever! I went over and asked the librarian for a piece of scratch paper so I could write down some titles. Here are a few that peeked my interest.

 Have any of you read this? I've never seen it! It's by Philip C. Stead! You know, Amos Mcgee!! (Which is probably like one of my all time favorites!)

And then a book by Uri Shulevitz!! A companion book to Snow! I mean I've only been a Uri groupie for like 15 years. (Yes, that'd be before I had kids, but after I was already a grown up. Let's not judge.)

This one actually wasn't on the top shelf, but still it looks pretty darn cool! You know, my slight obsession with Cinderella stories set in other cultures.

And honestly, I would have scribbled down more, but Rainy and Cuteness got in a fight over holding the books-- or this may have been when they saw the elephant and piggie that they were frantically trying to show me-- the order of things is a little blurry…I was on a book high!! Anyway, the bottom line is I want access to those books-- in a totally normal, non-crazy parent way, I promise!

I'll try my best not to be a delinquent…my kids always bring their library books back to school on time…some of that's because of me, right?

I can be trusted to check out top shelfers, I swear!


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