Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Please is a good word to say...

How do you feel about manners books? How about when people give them to your children as gifts?
(Yes this happens to us…then my children scribble in them. Oh dear!)

Anyway, this book was given to us but I happen to find it quite delightful and based on some current behavior trends in this house, hopefully useful as well.

In the book a little girl named Harriet gives you all these useful little manners word tips. Some of them are 'how-to' tips and some are 'how-not-to" tips…

She's got your bases covered on what to say for those embarrassing sounds.

And paying compliments.

She even has phone manners, which for this generation is probably a lost art, but still good to know!!  Lilac enjoyed this book when she was younger and I'm hoping Harriet, in her pink tutu, will convince Cuteness to try and remember some of these words as well! A mom can hope, right?

Happy (and polite) reading!


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