Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Goldie and the Three Bears

So, I've been reading and gathering up different versions of Goldilocks to share with you in a big list at some point (who knows when that will happen). BUT, this really one deserves it's own post because it puts a seriously cute twist on the classic fairy tale…

In this version (by Diane Stanley) Goldie is a little girl who likes things just so. (Please say you know the type…if not I have some people I can introduce you to!) She's particular about the food she eats, the clothes she wears, and the list goes on. For Goldie, even finding friends is tricky.

But, the wonderful thing is that when she finds something she loves, she loves it with her whole heart!

Anyway, one day Goldie gets off at the wrong bus stop and so she looks around for somewhere to call her mom. I think you can guess how things go from here-- a whole bunch of stuff turn outs the be just right, of course!

But this time when the bears come home, something wonderful happens! Goldie discovers a friend she can love with her whole heart!

Is that not the cutest ending you've ever heard for this story?? I love it! No running away scared, or anger mean bears, just friendship. It's so fun! (And wow! How sappy am I?? Sorry! But I still think it's cute!)

Happy reading!

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