Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cinderella Skeleton

Ok, well let me begin by saying that Robyn mentioned Halloween last week, so all's fair now-- Halloween's been broken (like when you play Hearts, you know-- is that what you call it when someone plays a heart, that hearts have been broken? That's what we call it…)

So anyway, now we can talk about Halloween every single post if we want, that's the rule! Not that we will, but we can-- and you know what? I'm just gonna say Christmas right now in case Robyn wants to talk about that--I mean, I think it's too early, but I'm the kind of nice blog partner that I'll just take a hit like that for her, just in case ;)

And guess what? I'm also the kind blog partner who talks about imaginary rules for 3 paragraphs in my posts…umm, yep.  So, how about I talk about a book now because this is going down hill very quickly!  Illustrations! That'll help…

So, quite obviously, Cinderella Skeleton is a skeleton version of Cinderella. Have any of you read it? It's a touch bizarre and maybe a little morbid-- as you might expect a skeleton fairy tale to be. But, it's so gorgeous!

Have you ever seen a skeleton look so elegant before? I mean really, she's stunning! How can that be? Kudos to illustrator David Catrow for creating such eerie, yet gorgeous art to compliment this fractured tale!

And, speaking of fractured, Cinderella loses more than her shoe in this version. It's the perfect skeletony twist!

Happy reading!


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