Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Look a Book! A Zany Seek-and-Find Adventure

We happened upon this totally fun and wacky look-and-find book at the library.  First of all it rhymes, which you know I love, but then its filled with all these crazy and silly illustrations! It's great!

A few highlights: the holes cut in the pages (it's fun to turn the page and try to find what was peeking out at you from the hole.) I'm also a fan of the bold rhyming words found in between the look-and-find pages-- perfect time for hesitant readers to take a turn reading. And the art-- it's fun! That's definitely a highlight too!!

I loooove the choco meal bit up there! So funny!  There are tons of random amusing things to enjoy!  Plus at the end there's that big list of things to go back and find all through the book!  My kids probably sat together and looked for stuff for a half hour-- yes I said together! (And they mostly got along while doing so-- if that's not amazing I don't know what is.)

Happy reading…and happy looking and finding, of course.


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