Thursday, August 21, 2014

Growing TALL Sunflowers

It's COUNTY FAIR week here!  We somehow pulled our mess together and entered some produce last minute.  Our oldest son was most excited about entering the sunflower he bought the seeds for and planted.  Judging for the sunflowers is pretty simple, there are two competitions the TALLEST and the BIGGEST HEAD.  Well, our heads weren't too big but we had height.  Sure enough!  Snoop won for the tallest sunflower in the county.  I'm thankful for things that just work out.  Our garden is not fantastic this year; more weeds than garden plants.  Even our sunflowers didn't grow that hot- except for about five that were close together and really took off on a trip to reach the sun.  One woman at the fair made a comment that if you want your sunflowers tall you plant them close together (because they compete to reach for the sun) if you want a thick stalk and big head you plant them further apart.  It makes sense, but we didn't know that when we planted.  Yup, sometimes things just work out- I'm sure grateful for that!

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