Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Coming soon to a theatre near you...

I always spell theatre that way, I can't help it. It's ingrained and according some grammatical wizard on the internet I'm all good, so I'm sticking with it.

Anyway, have you noticed that every single movie coming out is really a book remake these days?  Seriously, all of them-- adapted from books.  And of course being a book person I'm always torn…there's the total thrill of seeing one of your favorite books come to life before your eyes on the big screen and then the complete let down when the characters aren't cast as you imagined them in your head.  Which happens all the time to me!! I must have an overactive, non-Hollywood casting-ish imagination because they get it wrong sooooo often for me.  Am I alone?

Anyway, I was super excited to see The Giver (coming out this Friday) but then I saw the preview and now I'm very confused. Take a look…

What the heck book was that?? Seriously?? That looks like Mission Impossible or some alien weird beam me up thing??  You know what it seems to have a hint of--what's that clone movie with Uma Thurman…and Ethan Hawk--Gattaca!

That was not the Giver I read.  I pictured it more like a sterile, less poodle skirty sort of the 1950's with people riding their bicycles and girls with ribbons in their hair. Like Leave it to Beaver but the people are in tunics (and there's no whistling or walking funny on the side walk.) And no creepy Meryl Streep (though she is pulling that off well, isn't she?) And Jonas is waaaaay too old! Anyway, needles to say, now I'm a little nervous.

While we're talking about books turning into movies, did you know about this?

This time, while I again suspect it's not gonna be following the book too much, (could you really follow the book and make a feature length film-- probably not) I am thinking this will be wildly hilarious!! The baby with the marker!! The driver's test!! Soooo funny!!

Part of me does wonder if this might be the beginning of many an inaccurate onscreen interpretation of a classic picture book-- who am I kidding it's not the beginning of that happening, is it? (And perhaps I'm just a touch critical about this sort of thing?) Well, at least with this one they got the kid's age right.

Happy reading & happy movie watching!  


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