Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Aesop's Fables by Charles Santore

Awhile ago I told you about a book I was swooning over after a trip to Barnes & Noble. Well guess what?!  I found it at my cool bookstore! Last week! When I wasn't even looking for it!  Wahooo!!  It's so lovely…
Illustrated by Charles Santore

Giant, vivid, gorgeous illustrations accompany each retelling, including a fantastic fold out for the tortoise and the hare! The fables (some classics and some that were new to me) are short and sweet, each taking up about a page next to the accompanying artwork!  It's really so lovely-- my images don't quite show you the true grandeur. 

It's the kind of book that begs to be purchased, you know what I mean?  Right from the shelf it calls out, "Take me home! Pour over my illustrations! Pass me down for generations!" Yes, there's a chance lots of books yell this to me, but this book-- THIS BOOK-- it's just a classic beauty! Charles Santore is some sort of illustrating wizard and I am under a spell and totally fine with it! So, so lovely-- did I mention that? It is!

Happy reading!

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