Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Misadventures of Salem Hyde: Big Birthday Bash

Oh gosh, cute CUTE stuff today!! Have you heard of Salem Hyde? And her cat Whammy? Salem (created by Frank Cammuso) is a little girl, who is also a witch-- well, learning to be a witch-- she has trouble sometimes…

She's sweet and spunky and she's in the of habit causing these delightfully hilarious accidents! (Sometimes with her magic and sometimes not.)

Salem's latest adventure (in graphic novel form) came out in May and revolves around a birthday party for Salem's buddy Edgar.

The problem is this nasty little girl (Shelly) keeps messing things up! Poor Edgar!!

But don't you worry, Salem uses some of her sporadic magic to make Edgar feel better! (That's all I'm telling you!)  It's so great! Funny stuff!

Oh, and speaking of funny stuff-- you will read about THE MOST HILARIOUS SLUSHEE INCIDENT EVER!!

It does not end well this time either!! But so so so funny! Lilac and I were cracking up big time!! Salem has another adventure coming out in October and I'm sure it will be just as silly and endearing as this one! I can't wait!!

Happy reading!!
PS-Images in the actual book are in color...if you were wondering.

PSS- The first book!! I'm gonna find it ASAP!

PPSS- All these opinions are my own. I assure you no one forced me to laugh out loud (literally, I did) about a cat drinking slushees! 

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