Tuesday, July 1, 2014


You know what a new old book is right?  It's an old book that you've never seen before, so it's new….to you. A new old book!  I looooove finding those! It's like hidden treasure or winning the book lottery-- am I right? Well, I totally accidentally spied this little beauty at the library-- JACKPOT!

This book was the Caldecott winner in 1946. I had no idea, but oh my goodness, it's just lovely!  There's classic rhymes!! There's vintage art!! It gives me this overwhelming feeling of nostalgia and American roots and simple times and hard working people!

Hey, how 'bout I give you a peek? Because it's so close the 4th of July, here are a few patriotic sort of verses from my new best book friend (yes, books are my friends)...

Yankee Doodle went to town
Riding on a pony,
Stuck a feather in his hat
And called it Macaroni.

I'm going to Lady Washington's
To get a cup of tea
And five loaves of gingerbread, 
So don't you follow me.

I asked my mother for fifty cents
To see the elephant jump the fence.
He jumped so high
He reached the sky
And never came back till the Fourth of July.

 Fun, right? You know that feeling you have when you look at Norman Rockwell paintings?  That's how you'll feel when you see this book! What's that feeling called? I don't know, but it's so great! 

(My photos are really not doing it quite the justice it deserves. It's crisper in real life-- run to the library and get yourself a copy and you'll see. But in the meantime look at that Yankee Doodle illustration! Adorable! And I am always a sucker for elephants! How about a little more of the loveliness…)

There's lots of non-patriotic rhymes too, tons of old favorites and some I've never heard before. It's got finger plays and rope skipping rhymes and it's just generally charming! It is probably something that I will need to be owning here soon…because I'm not good at saying no to books…obviously!

 Happy new old book finding!

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