Thursday, July 24, 2014

I really wanna go to the beach.

So, I really wanna to the beach…in case you didn't see that above, I thought I'd reiterate.

The beach.

It sounds great, doesn't it?

Of course I have to not think about it too hard because actually going the the beach from where I live requires a lot of packing and planning and loading and then of course the aftermath of sand.

Oh the sand…everywhere-- hey I do know one secret for getting it off people (not everything else, but I know how to get it off people-- that's a start.) USE BABY POWDER!!! Seriously, it totally works!! The powder like absorbs all the moisture in the sand or something…or maybe it's magic!

Anyway, since I'm ignoring the hassle of getting there, the beach sounds wonderful! But I don't think its gonna happen. So, I guess I've have to live vicariously through people on my instagram feed. Oh and Strega Nona

Looks lovely, doesn't it? (Have you seen this one? We just happened upon it at the library yesterday.)  Don't worry, Strega Nona warns Big Anthony before she leaves…

But it wouldn't be a Strega Nona book without some mishaps, now would it…

All I'm telling you is that this time it's not Big Anthony's fault!  

Happy reading & happy going to the beach if you're that lucky-- remember the baby powder!

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