Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Jimmy's Boa, because it feels like a classic book kind of day

I wonder who decided the big throwback day would be Thursday? I mean why not Memory Monday or Toss back Tuesday or Wonder Years Wednesday (okay, that one's pretty lame)….Flashback Friday?

You get my drift. The point is, what's so special about Thursday? Oh, and the REAL point is: today feels like classic picture book kind of day.  Did you read about Jimmy's Boa when you were a kid? It's one from my childhood (and of course what makes it a classic is that my kids love it too!)
As far as illustrating goes, Steven Kellogg can do no wrong in my book!  Jimmy and his boa and their first rate antics are perfectly depicted!
The pigs attacking the school bus, the chickens attacking the teacher (and ruining her lesson on poultry), and of course the boa eating the wash!! Pure illustration genius!
I will say this, I have been on a number of eventful field trips in my day. But If I was the teacher in this book, I assure you this field trip would send me into early retirement!

Happy reading!
PS- Look Jimmy and his Boa have even more adventures! Besides the original, I've only seen the birthday one! I guess the other two are now on my library list!!

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